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The Frogtown Classic BMX Days is the first event of its kind and we are celebrating the third year in 2023! The multi-day, classic, vintage BMX festival celebrates the history and action of BMX as it had originally developed. The bikes, the legendary racers, and THAT famous United Bicycle Racers (UBR) downhill track that provided so much excitement 40 years ago!

This three-day event is held at the beautiful and world-famous Calaveras County Fairgrounds and will bring together old-school style BMX racing, a bike, show, swap meet, vendors and more for people to come enjoy racing, watching, and just being part of this growing event that has set the standard for other vintage BMX events popping up around the USA and world.

Over three days you’ll see:



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Classic and Modern Racing
Push bike racing
Bike Show Entries
Swap Meet

Parking fees apply to all cars, trucks and RV’s
(unless paying for camping*)
Cars and Trucks: $15 per day or $30 for 3-day pass
RV’s: $20 per day or $40 for 3-day pass
For camping rates click here: Accommodations


This event was conceived by a small group of racers and race organizers who participated in the original UBR races and raced at Frogtown in the late 70’s and early 80’s. They are passionate BMX fans who want to share the history and legacy of the early years of BMX in Northern California.


Todd Huffman

Todd Huffman was a local professional BMX racer from Placerville, CA who raced a few times at Frogtown before moving to Southern California to begin a career in the bicycle industry and became a documentary filmmaker. He brainstormed the event with Johnny Valdez when he learned the open field where the racetrack was originally was located, was still there, undisturbed.


Johnny Valdez

Johnny Valdez was the creator, owner and President of the United Bicycle Racers (UBR) from 1977 To 1982. The UBR was a BMX sanctioning body in central and Northern California with hundreds of BMX racer members and organizing hundreds of BMX races each year on tracks all over the upper parts of the state. Johnny now is a major supplier of team and crew uniforms for major BMX, Motocross/Supercross and other motorsports teams.

These two old friends and a dedicated team of volunteers helped make the first Frogtown Classic BMX Days one for the ages, setting a new trend around the world and setting it for for success in the years to come.


These are the folks who are really making things happen! If you see them at Frogtown shake their hand and thank them!

Jim Broedlow

John Crews

Ray Valdez

Tim Atkinson

Mark Darcy

Craig Turner

Ben Troia

Randy Schaffner

Jim Phillips

Jorge Nava

Keri Huebert

Cori Woods

Ryan Garcia

Mary and Jim Garcia

Wally and Liz Hunter

Justin Flynn

Rob Williams


The history of the Frogtown BMX track began in 1977 when John Valdez from the UBR was asked to operate a BMX race in the horseshow arena at the Calaveras Country Fairgrounds, home of the famous Frog Jumping contest the area is known for (“The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” an 1865 short story by Mark Twain). The event was a success and moved the next year to its permanent and legendary downhill site where this year’s event will be held. It ran local UBR races and national events with riders and professionals from all over the country until 1982.

Over the years the Frogtown BMX track legend grew hosting BMX legends like Brent and Brian Patterson, Jeff Kosmala, Frank Post, John Crews, Stanley Robinson.

Enjoy this video from 1977 at the original Frogtown UBR races courtesy of another UBR racer, Keith Wall - Thank you Keith!